Monday, March 25, 2013

Paleo/Veganism/Fruitarianism/Low Carb/Alkaline Diets.

Have we ever gone through a similar time in history when the population became so focused on the way we eat?
I honestly feel like the whole world is confused and everyone is looking for an answer.The truth is I'm not sure there is a correct answer.
Out diet lifestyle has become the center of attention in today's world but in reality there is only confusion and doubts.It's invading the media( TV,books,magazines,radio,internet) even healthy bloggers are doubting themselves and their previous choices.
But why?
Food is about choices.There is no right or wrong.We have made it such a big deal that it getting ridiculous.
Of course, there is also that 10% of the population that could care less about health or food or anything that's not $$$.The food industry is making millions of dollars playing games.It is stupid waking up to the news that state one thing today and the complete opposite the next day.

I say it all comes down to what you want.What are you truly looking for? Is it weight loss? Health? Pleasure from eating? Love? Gaining weight? Punishment? You name it but whatever it is, make sure you do exactly what needs to be done to reach that goal.
Should you try one of the Paleo/Veganism/Fruitarianism/Low Carb/High Protein/Alkaline Diets?

Sure, why not? Give it a try.Life is too short...and trust me.. you want to get your evidence from a reliable source. What better source that yourself? Do something for yourself and please DO NOT only rely on information from the media.If you see the results you wanted means is working.

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