Monday, March 25, 2013

Pita Bread and Baking

I was watching a movie about the life Jesus yesterday afternoon.I really like watching those movies and with Easter Day getting closer ..I could not say no to movie time,so I watched the whole movie which lasted four hours but it really felt like just one.Another movie about Jesus began right after that, but this one was about his childhood, and there it went other 3 more hours of my Sunday. :)

I truly loved the part of the movie when Mary is baking bread and Jesus,as a child, is watching her. I've always LOVED baking but I've never been able to bake bread.... a really great and awesome bread.My favorite bread has always been pita /pocket bread.There is something unique about it.I always buy it in the store but I wish I could finally make a good recipe for it.

Until then I'll just have to keep enjoying the store-bought ones ;) AND baking my cakes... which are always my family's favorites!

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