Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Philippians 4:13

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" - Philippians 4:13
"I can't do it." I have to say I've used these words way too much in my life and just like most people I've been also told a thousand times that I must not think this way. I'm honestly quite tired of hearing that positive thoughts and will power are key for success in life.You can find motivational advice and pep talk pretty much everywhere; books, movies, songs, TV, radio... but although experts are only trying to help you by motivating you to go on and keep trying ( or maybe just trying to make money in some cases) I must also admit that this is without a doubt, false.The truth is that you simply cannot do it.
Let me rephrase it: We can't do it alone.

We have become so obsessed with trying to do everything ourselves, multitasking everyday, without even taking a second to breath.We, as human beings, are meant to experience tough times that will allow us to finally realize we need to ask for help.In today's world which is severely afflicted by massive depression and mental illnesses as a result of becoming frustrated with ourselves due to our inability to achieve certain goals.We come to believe we have failed so we constantly fight our minds denying the ultimate conclusion,the fact that we are incapable to solve our problems on our own.
It took me a long time to fully understand the true meaning of letting go.I had always been a control freak.I wanted to get everything done my way.I had so many ups and downs and I was frankly very tired because I was down the road of a never ending struggle.I was in pain, suffering  but then one night God came to my rescue.I had never heard His voice but on that night everything changed for me.His voice was more as if it were coming from  deep inside me and still it felt more real than anything.It was clear, calm but yet powerful, no way to deny it.
On that night I truly let go,I gave Him all my pain, my problems, my questions...everything to Him.He promised that if I wanted, He would take care of me in every aspect, he promised he will watch out for me day and night.He promised I would be never alone because He will accompany me everywhere but this was only if I wanted it to be that way because after all,He gave me free will and it is still my choice.I surrendered my soul, my mind and my body to Him.
He is been keeping that promise since that night.He is not a common man for Him to break his promises or lie, he is God Almighty.I'm in his hands and my heart is filled with joy and peace everyday because, can there be any better hands than His?
Now, I'm still continuing my journey with Him holding my hand at every step.I can honestly say I'm no longer fighting situations and problems because he fights my battles.I do not force things in life, they come to  me as a blessing.It is a commitment to Him.This is what gives true meaning to my life and with Him I can do all things.No fear, no limit or boundaries. All things are possible for God and we are incomplete without Him.

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